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BFR Training

MSK Doctors offers Blood-flow restriction (BFR) training which is an emerging technique demonstrating efficacy in orthopaedic rehabilitation. This method involves partial vascular limb occlusion, specifically venous occlusion, using proximally placed inflatable cuffs. With the cuffs placed, the patient then performs low-load exercises which in turn leads to muscle hypertrophy, strength gains, enhanced oxygen delivery and utilisation.

BFR training is specifically designed to target muscle deficits anywhere in the body. It is common for muscle deficits to occur after surgical procedures and musculoskeletal injuries/conditions. Performing high intensity exercises during your rehabilitation period is not possible, however with BFR training we are able to reduce the risks of these muscle deficits to occur or help grow and strengthen that muscle back by only requiring you to perform low intensity exercises. 

Senior Physiotherapy
After Training


  • At MSK Doctors we have BFR cuffs that can be applied on the arms/legs. 

  • BFR training has been scientifically proven in a wide range of studies


  • Build back strength and power in the affected region.

  • Return back to normal everyday tasks and enhance quality of life.

  • Return to sport and your optimal performance

Overcome Muscle Deficits

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