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Suspected fracture clinic

If you have sustained an injury and suspect you might have fractured a bone, or are experiencing ongoing pain following a recent trauma, there is an alternative to A & E.


Our team of certified orthopaedic consultants are available to see and assess you.

It is sometimes possible to exclude a fracture by examination alone and many times, for minor injuries,


Our rehabilitation team can help you get better as quickly as possible without needing any surgical interventions. If further investigations or treatments are needed, our expert team will be able to advise.


We are also able to advise on various advanced treatments to speed your recovery that are not widely available in the public healthcare system. 

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Fractures & Injuries

Doctor's Clinic
Fracture Management

If you have sustained a fracture that has been confirmed by an x-ray, we can also help.


Our expert team of orthopaedic consultants can advise you on what the various treatment options are for you and your injuries. Our experts cover the whole body from toe to shoulder.


Our experts sub-specialise in different regions of the body, so we run a number of clinics dedicated to body parts.

Trauma is time sensitive and we are sensitive to your time.

We are also able to give you more time than is usually available in the public healthcare system to explain your injury and your options in more detail so you can make a more fully informed decision as to what treatment is best for you without ever feeling rushed to make a decision.

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