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What is Arthrosamid 

Arthrosamid is a new type of treatment for knee osteoarthritis that offers patients an effective alternative to the currently available therapies. Based on an innovative non-biodegradable hydrogel technology, Arthrosamid injection is 97.5% water with 2.5% being a cross linked polyacrylamide backbone. When injected into the knee Arthrosamid cushions the joint and reduces pain, providing safe and sustained relief, all with one injection.

How does Arthrosamid injection differ from others? 

Arthrosamid is different from the viscosupplement injections for the knee such as hyaluronic acid (HA), platelet-rich plasma (PRP), and regenerative stem cell therapy. Unlike these treatments, Arthrosamid knee injection is a non-degradable hydrogel which means it has the properties to lubricate and cushion for longer. unlike the other treatments, Arthrosamid also has the ability to become an integrated part of the soft synovial tissue in the joint capsule which may lead to a longer lasting pain relief.

How is Arthrosamid administered?

How does it work?

Arthrosamid is an intra-articular polycrylamide hydrogel injection for the symptomatic treatment of knee osteoarthritis. Once injected into the inner joint cavity, it restores viscosity within the synovial fluid, improving lubrication and cushioning of the joint. Arthrosamid® also integrates into the synovium of the inner joint capsule creating a cushion-like effect. 

What are the benefits?

As Arthrosamid works to cushion the joint, it can reduce your pain, decrease stiffness and help movement. The hydrogel itself does not degrade and therefore it provides long-acting relief, improving your quality of life. In clinical trials, patients reported a significant reduction in their pain symptoms by week 4 after their injection and unlike other injectable treatments, the level of reduction was maintained at the 1 year follow up period.


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What are the side effects?

In a number of clinical trails with Arthrosamid, there were no serious side effects related to hydrogel. The most commonly reported side effects were mid to moderate injection site pain and swelling, witch were generally transient in nature. The overall safety profile of the hydrogel has been established over the last 20 years with its use for various indications in the  body.

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When can I go back to normal activity?

You will have to avoid any strenuous weight-bearing activities (e.g. running, tennis, or long walks) during the first few days after your injection. We will advise you on how to slowly introduce more activity.

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MSK Doctors is the first clinic in the UK approved to use Arthrosamid injections. 

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