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vMRI Project - Knee

Automated segmentation using Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been proposed as an alternative to manual segmentation, which aims to address the limitations of traditional segmentation methods(e.g subjective to the clinical experience). AI-based segmentation can provide more accurate and objective results, thus improving the accuracy and reliability of OA diagnosis and treatment. The proposed solution uses Neural Network algorithms to automatically segment the knee joints from MRI images. The 3D mesh is then created based on segmentations that provide new insights into visualization and clinical observations. A set of biomarkers (MSK Bio) are calculated providing valuable insights into the extent and severity of OA, which can be used to inform clinical decision-making. We will provide a report which summarizes the exam with a comprehensive assessment of the knee joint.

Knee Artificial Intelligence

Knowledge Transfer Partnership

Project Team:

Prof. Paul Lee

Medical Director -MSK Doctors 

Prof. Xujiong Ye

Professor of Computer Vision and Medical Imaging - UoL

Dr. Lei Zhang

Senior Lecturer - UoL

Dr. Yan Wen

KTP Data Scientist - MSK Doctors

Dr. Bethan Whiting

Governance and CQC Manager - MSK Doctors

Mr George Williams

Senior Developer - MSK Doctors


Mrs Hayley Green

Research Admin - MSK Doctors


Mr Kai Armstrong

Senior MRI Technician - MSK Doctors 

Ms Emma Bateson

Junior MRI Technician - MSK Doctors 

MSK Doctors Team

Media and Press Release

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Knee vMRI
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