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Holding Hands

We look forward to exceeding your expectations

Whether you are a patient or a visitor at our clinic, you can expect that our team will be working tirelessly to ensure that you receive excellent care in a safe and comfortable environment.

MSK Doctors provides quality and compassionate service that continually meet and exceed our patient needs. We offer high-quality healthcare, advanced technologies, and skilled surgeons and nurses who are passionate about what they do.


Initial Consultation £250

Follow up £150

Physio / Sports Massage

Physio initial -£60

Physio F/U - £50

Soft Tissue massage - £50


MRI £450 (one part) Extra parts -£280

Ultra Sound scan - £350

Biomechanics - £150


Injection with Ultrasound guidance  £ 900

Injection without USS £ 600

Caudal Epidural Injection £ 1,250

PRP+HA package of 3 injections - £2,100

Mi Eye - £3,995

Lipogems - £3,995 + £500 for extra area

Arthrosamid - £2,995 single, £4,995 (both knees)

Compartment Pressure testing - £750

Compartment Pressure release - £1,750

Carpal tunnel - £1,935

Tennis elbow - £3,500

Achilles repair - £4,500

Surgery Package  

When you have surgery with MSK Doctors we believe in providing a complete package, therefore your fee includes the following:​

  • Pre-operative support and advice from our dedicated team

  • Pre-operative strength and conditioning

  • Post-operative rehabilitation

  • Nutritional support 

  • Post-operative device rental if necessary

  • Wound care

  • All future follow-up clinic appointments as a result of your surgery

  • Physiotherapy

What is not covered:

  • Further imaging following discharge from the hospital

  • Any further surgery

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