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Strategic Partnership

University of Lincoln and MSK Doctors have recently established a strategic partnership ENRICH-MSK since 2019  (ENgineers spoRts bIomediCal Health for MSK medicine) to develop a community that will foster a series of interdisciplinary collaborations.

Our research has real time input from doctors, physiotherapists and orthopaedic surgeons. It can be adopted rapidly in MSK Doctors’ clinics in the UK and amongst first contact physiotherapy teams across UK. Working with the regional surgical advisors from the Royal College of Surgeons and the British Orthopaedic Association, our research can spread rapidly across the UK.  MSK Doctors has the teaching centre of excellence status awarded by the International Cartilage Regeneration Society and is a major collaborator with the Global Rehabilitation & Assistive Technology Network (GReAT).  This will help further spread our research internationally.  


The proposed research brings together an interdisciplinary team including clinicians, engineers, sports and biomedical scientists and experts in rural healthcare. The School of Computer Science, Laboratory of Vision Engineering (LoVE)’s academics have strong expertise in Computer Vision and AI to lead the design and development of the AI-powered decision support system using innovative multidisciplinary data coalescing and feature aggregation, including motion data, MRI knee images, and biochemical data, to aid diagnosis and assessment of prognosis in patients with MSK-related issues. The School of Sport and Exercise Science, Wellbeing Research Group have the expertise in assessing and reducing the impact of MSK injuries, such as through biomechanics, sports therapy, strength and conditioning.  Furthermore, the academics in the Human Performance Centre have the expertise in human biomechanics and equipment to validate movement data while experts in sports medicine will implement this knowledge in clinical medicine.  The School of Life Sciences, Diabetes, Metabolism & Inflammation (DMI) Research Group would contribute by performing investigations on human tissue samples (including bloods and joint aspirates) to identify biomarkers and molecular mechanisms that contribute to improved outcomes.  The Lincoln International Institute for Rural Health (LIIRH) has expertise in clinical trials and is conducting world-class research focusing on the greatest health issues facing rural communities both locally and globally. Therefore, LIIRH can provide a greater understanding of health issues pertinent to Lincolnshire and the rest of the UK, while simultaneously addressing similar health concerns internationally.

Strategic Partnership

Computer Science, Laboratory of Vision Engineering

The School of Life Sciences, Diabetes, Metabolism & Inflammation (DMI) Research Group

The School of Sport and Exercise Science

Other Research Projects:

Knee vMRI
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