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NHS Services

The National Health Service is dealing with greater stress than ever before due to the ongoing pressure due to unprecedentedly long waiting times for many within the array of services related to musculoskeletal ailments.

We work alongside the NHS to provide a quick access, quality service for patients requiring orthopaedics, physio and musculoskeletal diagnosis and treatments.


We offer NHS trusts a variety of options for managing MSK diagnostic such as MRI and ultrasound scans. Injections and Surgical interventions for waiting list backlogs.

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We can offer competitive pricing for NHS contracts. 
For further information please contact our admin team at
or via telephone on 0330 001 0048


This option allows NHS patients to attend our  Grantham or Sleaford CQC registered clinic locations with MSK Doctors taking responsibility for patient appointments, logistics and administration. This option allows large numbers of patients to be seen over a longer period of time as a more regular waiting time initiative option.

This option is available for OPD, MRI, USS, Injections, Surgery and Physio.



This option allows NHS patients to be treated by our team of highly skilled team on-site at your NHS trust, hospital or clinic department, on an out-of-hours basis. This option allows significantly large numbers of patients to be treated in evenings or weekends and aims is to rapidly reduce NHS backlogs as much as possible.

We have a team of experienced Consultants, Nurses, Scrub Nurses, ODP, Anaesthetist and Auxiliary staff. It is an easy solution for staff shortage.

For further information on NHS contracts please contact our admin team at
or via telephone on 0330 001 0048


Community Surgical Scheme

MSKDoctors is a registered CSS provider and is open to accept referrals. Please us below link for more informations. 


Open MRI and USS 

MSKDoctors accepts any MSK MRI or USS referral in our Open MRI scanner in Sleaford for NHS patient. Please contact use on with a P.O. number and we will aim to get the patient booked in within 48 hours.

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