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Force Plates

Force plates are mechanical sensing systems designed to measure ground reaction forces during motion. In other words, these devices record how much force is going through your legs/arms during a particular movement. Force plates are widely used within elite sports to help athletes recover from a musculoskeletal injury, monitor performance and help reduce the risks of future injuries. 

Due to its design, force plates are able to detect weight bearing asymmetries which is common after musculoskeletal injuries/conditions and even after surgical reconstructions. In addition to this, force plates allow us to track performance to see whether you are on the right path towards recovery.  

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  • Used within elite premiership football clubs

  • Advised by orthopaedic consultants to make sure the patient is back to their optimal performance


  • Tackle weight bearing issues

  • Monitor your progression

  • Reduce risks of future injuries 

Its all in the Forces

We can help you with:

Weight Bearing Issues 

Would you like to know whether the alignment of your body is symmetrical during movement?

Asymmetries between the non affected side and the affected side after injuries or surgical procedures are common. Force plates allow us to monitor this and come up with a personalised treatment plan to ensure the alignment of your body is as symmetrical as possible. At MSK Doctors force plates are also used to ensure our patients are on the right pack towards recovery.

Future Injury Risks

Would you like to reduce the risks of future injuries and musculoskeletal conditions?

Whether you are doing normal everyday tasks or playing sports, force plates are able to detect patterns in relation to force overload during a specific movement. For example jumping and absorbing that force upon landing more with one leg than the other, could overtime cause too much stress on your ankles, knees or hips which could lead to injuries.

Sports Performance

Would you like to improve and enhance your performance by determining your strengths and weaknesses?

Force plates gather scientific data and provides us with figures in relation to performance during specific movements. This includes identifying how much power your muscles are able to generate and also some key metrics such as the acceleration/velocity of movements and jump height. We can provide you with figures and analyse your technique.

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