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Hip Pain

Lateral Hip Pain

It is a common condition caused by a variety of different problems such as bursitis, tendonitis, tendon rupture and nerve entrapment. Diagnosis is the key with high quality imaging and sound clinical knowledge. Sometimes gait analysis and neuromuscular training could be helpful treatments.


Joint replacement is a very successful operation in treating osteoarthritis of the hip, however, there are other treatment options available such as injection therapy and bracing. Depending on the circumstances and severity of disease, injection therapy may be a good alternative.

Cartilage Defect

The hip is a very deep joint and is not easy to access for cartilage therapy. Injection therapy and bone marrow stimulation are often the treatment of choice to tackle cartilage defects of the hip. This is highly specialised and please come to discuss your options with us.

Physical Therapist

Cartilage regeneration


MSK Doctors have traveled the World to learn the latest treatment techniques.

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