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MSK Doctors offers magnetotherapy treatments for patients which is used in orthopaedics, sports medicine, and physiotherapy.

Magnetotherapy is physical and based on the application of specific magnetic fields on the human body. The magnetic fields carry out an essential function in biological life; just think that the earth itself is a giant magnet and that many living beings adjust their lives according to the variations of the earth’s magnetism. We use a low-induction magnetic field to restore the cellular biochemical balance exclusively to therapeutic and curative purposes. More simply, every cell in our body has a certain electrical charge, which in case of trauma or disease, tends to decrease and becomes the cause of inflammation and pain. In these cases, pulsed Electro Magnetic Fields are applied which re-establishes the correct cellular polarization.

Literature Background

Low intensity magnetic fields are solidly supported as an effective treatment intensity. Many studies found values of from 1 to 60 Gauss, with average values of approximately 15 Gauss, to be effective. The same studies showed the effectiveness of very low frequency fields, with values of between 1-100 Hz, the same that characterise electromagnetic physiological phenomena. The research results, therefore, evidence the efficiency of ELF (Extremely Low Frequency) and low intensity magnetic fields which pass through the organism, acting on all the tissues (muscle, bone, nerves, epithelium) and influencing all the organs. The fields work in-depth, are not invasive, do not cause pain, and so far, no side effects have been reported.

Magnetotherapy is indicated for treating pain and inflammation and edema, because it has effects on the immunitary system cells and circulation. In addition, clinical studies have shown that Magnetotherapy can be efficient for treating osteoporosis and for encouraging both fracture healing and the repair and regeneration of soft tissues. Given its therapeutic effects, it can be used alone or together with other treatments.

Magnetotherapy was devised for the non-invasive treatment of the musculoskeletal apparatus, acting simultaneously in the edema-contracture-pain triad, repairing, and regenerating the cutaneous, muscular and bone tissues. The indication field is wide because magnetic fields induce numerous biological effects, even in deep-seated tissues. The therapeutic expectations can be briefly indicated as follows:

We treat our patients using a magnotherapy bed with a motorised sliding Solenoid that can be used manually or automatically. With the automatic version, the electromechanical moving system automatically positions the solenoid on the area to be treated (5 positions), returning to the initial position when therapy has ended. It is also possible to scan automatically and continually between two established positions, or with a defined permanence time on each of the two positions. With the manual version, the operator finds it easier to position the solenoid on the area to be treated thanks to the fact that it slides easily on aluminium guides that are closed with a safety block.

magnotherapy pic 1.png
magnotherapy pic 2.png

In addition to this, we also have portable magnotherapy which consists of Flexa Pads. It is a practical and portable device, easy to use and intuitive, particularly suitable for targeted treatment. The Flexa applicators have a flexible shape so they can be adapted to all the body surfaces and maintain magnetic field emission constant and uniform. The supplied Flexa applicators allow administering the fields perpendicularly to the application surfaces and can be activated with a vibration effect should this please the patient. These Flexa Pads can be applied simultaneously with the magnetotherapy bed, but also it can be used to treat numerous patients at once, which is an effective method of managing patient workload.

Cartilage regeneration

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