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Our Consultations take place at one of our provider clinics, wherever is most convenient for you.

Our Consultant will speak to you in a private room where you will be able to discuss your problem and your previous medical history. An examination may be necessary and further investigations may be arranged for that day or at another convenient time.

Initial consultation usually takes 20-30 minutes.

Patient Journey

MSK Doctors can offer you an alternative to routine healthcare. With our support, you will be able to delay surgery and enjoy your own biology instead of metal and plastic implants.

Diagnostic Imaging

The Consultant may deem it necessary for you to have an ultrasound, MRI or X-ray, this may be on the same day as your Consultation or at a convenient time for you. Your scan will be reviewed and reported by a Consultant Radiologist. A follow up appointment will be arranged to discuss the findings.

Follow Up Appointment

After your scan, you will need to book a follow up appointment with the Consultant to discuss your results. Depending on the complexity, your report may be available immediately or could take a few days. Treatment options will be discussed with you which may include further interventions, surgery or referral to another health professional.

Non-Surgical Treatments

We believe that surgery is the last option. At MSK Doctors, we offer a range of non-surgical interventions such as bracing, injections and physiotherapy.


Surgical procedures will be undertaken at one of the private hospitals where our Consultants operate. The whole procedure will be discussed with you, including risks and benefits and what to expect afterwards.


We work closely with a team of rehabilitation specialists


Cartilage regeneration

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