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How are the types of PRP different? How often is it required?

Updated: Nov 9, 2022

Prof Paul Lee - MSK Regen Blog on MSK Doctors

Types of PRP

It depends on where the blood derived materials are used. It can either be given through injection or it can be given as a surgical procedure.

Usually with injection we would guide it by ultrasound or perhaps sometimes by a direct needle camera. We are proud to offer our patients in the Keep Clinic, Grantham, and 108 Harley Street, London, this cutting edge medical technique with a needle camera to help guide our treatment for bone and joint injury.

With cell therapy, tissue bio-glue scaffold can be delivered with an open or a keyhole procedure. It depends on the size and the location of the defect of the problem. Each case is different and we must access an injury in a case by case basis.

How often?

Biological therapies within the body depend on the reason why we are treating the condition. There are different beliefs and different protocols out there. But essentially we would need to deliver this active biological ingredient to an injury site or to a site that we want to promote healing. In my practice, I usually offer the patient a single treatment with the latest generation of biotechnology. If this single treatment works, the problem will be treated and the body has healed, therefore the patient does not need a further injection.

If the treatment does not work at all and the patient does not have any positive effects, this means that the biological treatment has not worked. At that point I would either change to a different method of biological treatment or use a more traditional medical therapy.

However if the patient has partially responded with a 20% or more improvement, it and at that time it is worth having further treatment with the same product because the body has given a positive response and by getting further injection we will be able to complete the healing process.

However it is different if we are using this biological agent to supplement our cell therapy, because at that point our cell therapy process is going to be used as an adjunct and also something to augment cell survival. At that point I will repeat this injection every 2 weeks for 5 times. There are different protocols out there, and it depends on the machine that we use and the logic behind the treatment. Each treatment is very different.

The Regeneration Man

Regeneration Man
The Regeneration Man

MBBch, MFSEM (UK), MSc (Sports Med), PhD (Med Engine), FEBOT, FRCS (Tr & Orth)

Consultant Sports and Arthroplasty Surgeon

MSK and Regeneration Medicine Doctor

Visiting Professor of Sports Medicine

I.C.R.S. teaching centre of excellence

Regional advisor Royal College of Surgeon Ed

Passionate about biology, engineering, computers and medicine.

Sports Muscle Injuries and Actovegin: Basics, Concepts and Future of Actovegin by Paul Y. F. Lee (2016-02-22)

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