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Re-Think Lecture Series

MSK Doctors Educational Program. Targeted specifically to GP/Doctors Online webinars hosted by prof. Paul Lee and Mr. Yewlett.

Professor Lee is double board certified in orthopaedic surgery. Besides his routine clinical practice of hip and knee conditions, he is an expert in Sports & Regenerative surgery. With a published track record of treating UK premiership footballers, he is regarded as an expert in sports medicine and has regular contact with elite sports teams.

Mr Yewlett is a Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon specialising in both surgical and regenerative treatments of shoulder, elbow and hand conditions and sports injuries. He provides a “one” stop shoulder ultrasound diagnostic service and is a high-volume shoulder arthroplasty surgeon.


Join us every Wednesday, at 13;00, for an MSK Doctors educational program consisting of 20-minute bite sized talks in relation to MSK Medicine, with an aim to provide quick updates for common MSK conditions/treatments.


Agenda So far…

Meniscus | Prof. Lee                                                              13th October

Groin Injury | Prof. Lee                                                           20th October  

Cartilage Injury | Prof. Lee                                                    27th October 

Tennis Elbow | Mr. Yewlettn                                                 3rd November

ACL Injury | Prof. Lee                                                             10th November

Cuff Tear | Mr. Yewlett                                                           17th November 

Shoulder Dislocation | Mr. Yewlett                                      24th November 

Knee Replacement | Prof. Lee                                            1st December

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome | Mr. Yewlett                              8th December

Nerve Root Pain | Mr. Yewlett                                              15th December

Future lecture topics and dates to be confirmed... 

Postponed more info available soon

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