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Where is your pain?

Press on one of the circles, nearest to your pain, this will lead you to more information.

Common Conditions:


Arthritis is a very common condition, which can cause a great deal of pain and mobility issues. It is important to identify the cause of arthritis which will guide treatment options. Surgery is often the last resort, and there are many options available.


Ligament injuries can be more troublesome than fractures. The mode of injury and forces applied to your ligaments can affect the stability of your joint. It is important to get the treatment right to avoid longterm problems.


Tendons connect muscles to bone. Overuse can lead to inflammation, tendonitis and tendon rupture. As the blood supply to the tendon is poor, a minimally invasive, biological approach to treatment is recommended.


Nerve impingement can be very painful and is sometimes mistaken for other conditions. Diagnosis is not often easy but it is key to successful treatment.

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