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Pre/Post Operative Management

MSK Doctors thrives upon excellence by going beyond what is expected. Surgery is always our last resort but when necessary, we offer treatment options throughout the operative journey to ensure the experience from start to finish is comfortable and offers the best possible results. 


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Ice Blocks


Post-Surgical Treatment


Cold Compression Therapy combines cold and compressions to reduce pain and swelling which is recommended by orthopaedic surgeons following surgery.


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What are the Benefits?

Reduced Swelling/Pain

Reduction in swelling become very apparent, up to 50-80% which means that physiotherapy can begin quicker.

Faster Recovery

Physiotherapy is able to start sooner which means recovery period is shortened.

Reduced Medication

Cryotherapy can reduce the amount of medication needed and even eliminate medication usage completely. 

Patient Satisfaction

Patients are able to get back on their feet and perform daily activities sooner.

Convenient and Efficient

Quick and easy to set up and the constant powerful cooling mechanism and compression enables faster and better recovery. 

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Pre & Post-Surgical Treatment

Recovertein has a unique formula, containing protein, creatine and vitamin E and C specifically designed to increase protein stores before you undergo surgery to replenish protein losses following surgery or an injury.

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Oral Supplements

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What are the benefits?

Enhanced Recovery

Replenishment and increased protein stores reduces the risks of muscle deficits after surgical treatments and promotes muscle growth. 

Wound Healing

Combination of vitamin C and E encourages wound healing by promoting tissue repair and strengthening blood vessel walls.

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