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There is much conflicting information about bone and joint supplements. When it comes to sports and rehabilitation supplementations, everyone has heard something from their ‘friends’.


MSK Doctors can offer useful advice on supplements and vitamins to help maintain your bone, joint and cartilage health.


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Pre/Post-Surgical Management


Recovertein has a unique formula, containing protein, creatine and vitamin E and C specifically designed to increase protein stores before you undergo surgery to replenish protein losses following surgery or an injury.


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What are the Benefits?

Reduced Swelling/Pain

Reduction in swelling become very apparent, up to 50-80% which means that physiotherapy can begin quicker.

Faster Recovery

Physiotherapy is able to start sooner which means recovery period is shortened.

Reduced Medication

Cryotherapy can reduce the amount of medication needed and even eliminate medication usage completely. 

Patient Satisfaction

Patients are able to get back on their feet and perform daily activities sooner.

Convenient and Efficient

Quick and easy to set up and the constant powerful cooling mechanism and compression enables faster and better recovery. 



Replenish Your Collagen

As you age your body produces less collagen which is

essential to regenerate and repair the wear and tear of the joints. 20 years of research has been conducted to produce Alpha Collagen and it has been specifically designed to act as a cushion between bones to quantify for the lost collagen.

Alpha Collagen

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What types of Collagen do we Offer?

Hydrolysed Marine

Knee, Shoulder and Spine

  • Replenish Cartilage 

  • Restore Elasticity 

  • 7 times more absorption 

  • Helps with osteoarthritis

Sport Specific Collagen

Runners, Cyclists and Swimmers

  • Specific collagen ratio to target runners, cyclists and swimmers

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Contact Us

Would you like to enquire/buy any of the products stated above? Contact our support team below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Head Office:

The Old Barracks, Sandon Road, Grantham, NG31 9AS


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