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How far have biological therapies evolved in regenerative medicine?

Prof Paul Lee - MSK Regen on MSK Doctors

Over the past few years biological regenerative therapy in musculoskeletal conditions has come on in leaps and bounds. A very popular treatment of biological therapy is platelet-rich plasma (PRP). With current technology, it is now possible to process blood in a clinic room in a completely sterile environment with the specialist gel separator which will ensure the quality of the plasma. Compared to a few years ago, with older technology which only worked in the lab or with heavy machinery, a current state of the art PRP system is certainly a good example of biological treatment in regenerative medicine in MSK conditions.

In terms of cartilage regeneration, the National Institute of Clinical Excellence (NICE) has approved the use of cartilage cell therapy. This cell therapy has been ongoing for many years in Europe and around the world. The results are excellent, although over the past 10 years the use of cartilage cell therapy has been limited in the UK. With this new guidance from the NICE group, we can continue to build on the international success of cartilage cell therapy. The latest technique that we offer in MSK Doctors in Harley Street, means we are able to provide cartilage cell therapy in a single treatment, we term this S.T.A.C.i. With this therapy, only treatment is needed and the cartilage will regenerate and can regenerate with very good results.

Another biological regenerative therapy has also become very popular in regrowing bone or fracture or healing. There are many treatment options now available to enhance the biological recovery of a human being. Our understanding of the biological response to bone healing, fracture healing or cartilage healing has much improved. Based on this knowledge, we will be able to apply biological approaches to the human body much better.

The Regeneration Man

Regeneration Man
The Regeneration Man

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Consultant Sports and Arthroplasty Surgeon

MSK and Regeneration Medicine Doctor

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Sports Muscle Injuries and Actovegin: Basics, Concepts and Future of Actovegin by Paul Y. F. Lee (2016-02-22)

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