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Knee talk with Professor Paul Lee: Common questions on knee replacement surgery

As a knee surgeon, I understand that patients may have concerns or questions about knee replacement surgery that they may find embarrassing to ask.

Here are 5 common concerns that patients sometimes hesitate to discuss:

Will I be able to resume my normal bathroom activities after knee replacement surgery?

It's a valid concern, but rest assured that after surgery, you should be able to resume normal bathroom activities without any major issues. Your surgeon and healthcare team will provide guidance on post-operative care, including any precautions or adaptations needed during the recovery period.

Will I experience any changes in sexual activity or intimacy after knee replacement surgery?

While knee replacement surgery itself does not directly affect sexual activity or intimacy, some patients may experience temporary limitations or discomfort during the recovery phase. Open communication with your surgeon and healthcare team is important, as they can provide guidance on positions or modifications that may help minimise discomfort during this time.

How should I address personal hygiene, such as shaving my legs, after knee replacement surgery?

Patients often wonder about the practical aspects of personal grooming. It's important to prioritise safety and follow your surgeon's instructions during the early stages of recovery. Initially, it may be challenging to reach certain areas due to limited mobility, but as you progress in your recovery, you should regain the ability to maintain your usual hygiene routine.

Can I still wear certain types of clothing or shoes after knee replacement surgery?

While it's natural to be concerned about clothing and footwear choices post-surgery, most patients can resume wearing their preferred clothing and shoes once they have fully recovered. However, it's recommended to choose comfortable and supportive footwear that doesn't put undue stress on the knee joints.

What should I expect in terms of scars and their appearance after knee replacement surgery?

Scarring is a common concern for many patients. While knee replacement surgery does involve incisions, surgeons typically strive to minimise scarring by using precise techniques. Over time, scars tend to fade and become less noticeable. Following your surgeon's post-operative care instructions, including proper wound care and the use of scar treatments, can help optimise the healing process.

Remember, no question is too embarrassing when it comes to your health and well-being. Your surgeon and healthcare team are there to support you and provide the information you need to make your knee replacement surgery and recovery as smooth as possible.

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