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Preventative measures to stop injuries in golf

Golf is a sport that is enjoyed by people of all ages and skill levels. While it is generally considered to be a safe sport, there is always the risk of injury when playing.

The most common injuries in golf are to the lower back, shoulders, and elbows. These injuries can be caused by several things, such as poor technique, incorrect equipment, or simply playing too much golf.

There are several ways to prevent injuries in golf. These include warm-up exercises, stretching, and using the proper equipment. Golfers should also be sure to take breaks often to avoid overuse injuries.

What type of injuries occur?

Anterior knee pain: A previous blog has been made on the specifics of knee pain in golf and as to why this may occur, which you can read for more information. To summarize though, anterior knee pain happens because of the force that goes through the joint during the swing phase; especially through the knee that leads during this.

Lower back pain: This can occur, similar to knee pain, due to the forces that are being put through the body. The lumbar spinal region and the muscles in that area become overworked due to the repetition and force. Typically, the small muscles in the lower back become very tired, which causes the dull ache pain.

Shoulder impingement: Another injury that occurs for golfers are shoulder impingements. A detailed blog has been made on the different types that occur and why they may occur, which you can read through the link. This injury may occur for golfers due to unstable muscles around the shoulder joint. Anatomically, the shoulder is a joint that has the most movement available and is controlled and supported by many muscles and ligaments. If even one of these muscles or ligaments become weak it can cause an impingement due to the repetitive nature of the golf swing.

How can I prevent these?

Warm up protocol: Warming up to make sure that the muscles are ready for the repetitive actions you are going to be performing, will decrease risk of injury. Most injuries occur at the very beginning or the last portion of exercise. This is because the muscles are not adequately ready for the exercise, or they are not used to long-term fatigue.

Stretching: Stretching, especially before and after can prepare the muscles for the lengthening and shortening when the movements are performed. This means that a muscular injury may decrease in risk.

Correct technique: Lastly, correct technique when performing swings is imperative to decrease risk of injury. If incorrectly performed it can lead to many muscular imbalance issues and postural issues, which can lead to a higher risk of injury, such as knee and back pain.

Overall it is important to understand that sticking to a warm up protocol that includes stretching will help prepare the muscles for exercise. Also correct technique which will decrease the possibility of acute injuries occurring and long-term ones to happen over time.

If you are concerned with any pain you have been experiencing call or email MSK doctors for an initial consultation or a physiotherapy appointment.

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