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Patellar Tendonitis: Everything You Need To Know

Patellar tendonitis is a condition that causes pain in the knee. The patellar tendon is a band of tissue that connects the kneecap (patella) to the shinbone (tibia). The condition is also known as “jumper’s knee” because it is commonly seen in athletes who participate in sports that involve jumping, such as basketball and volleyball.

How does this injury occur?

Patellar tendonitis is a condition that affects the tendon that attaches the kneecap to the shinbone. The tendon becomes inflamed and irritated, which can cause pain and swelling. Patellar tendonitis is often caused by repetitive stress on the tendon, such as from running or jumping. The condition can also be caused by trauma to the tendon, such as from a fall or a car accident. Treatment for patellar tendonitis typically involves rest, ice, and physical therapy.

How to diagnose this injury?

Symptoms of patellar tendonitis include pain around the kneecap, tenderness to touch, and stiffness in the knee. The pain may be worse when bending the knee or after activity.

If you think you may have patellar tendonitis, it is important to see a doctor or orthopaedic specialist. diagnosis can be made based on your symptoms and a physical examination. MRI's or other imaging tests may also be ordered to rule out other conditions.

What treatment is available?

There is no one-size-fits-all treatment for patellar tendonitis, but there are several options that can help relieve symptoms and speed up healing. Treatment options include rest, ice, and physical therapy. Surgery is rarely needed.

Patellar tendonitis is a common injury that can cause pain and discomfort. The most effective way to treat patellar tendonitis is to rest, ice the affected area, and take anti-inflammatory medication. If the pain persists, you may need to visit a doctor or physical therapist for an evaluation.

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